Backup or Beware

  In the dark of night, lit only by the colored glow of our pine exuding Christmas tree, with the not-so-gentle snores of my husband beside me, I opened up my laptop to do a quick bit of research.

I was looking for something about dolphin attended births or some such obscure topic if I remember correctly.

Instead of my cheerful ocean themed screen, I was greeted by the ominous black eye of a blank and silent screen. It wasn’t asleep and it didn’t respond to being plugged in or restarted. 

Holy crap.

Several attempted restarts and a few phone internet searches later it became clear that my hard drive was having major problems.

Not great, but not catastrophic as long as all my work was backed up. 

But that was just it, I hadn’t backed up in quite some time and my work in progress was teetering over the edge of a black abyss before my bleary eyes.

There followed a couple days of terror as I confirmed with Apple what the problem was and priced data retrieval(OMG!) 

Only by a happenstance ray of sunshine be it blessing or good luck did I rescue my novels when my computer winked on for a few minutes while at Best Buy. 

I flashed in a flash and all was well aside from my MAC needing repair.

In this digital age we all know how important it is to back up in at least one way, preferably several, but somehow there are times when we let it slide and then skate by unscathed but warned or suffer the loss of irreplaceable photos or original artwork.

I have learned my lesson from this recent experience and will no longer  trip casually along, trusting my fate to the reliability of my computer. Indeed, I’m now backing up frequently in three ways, E-mail, flash drive, and I-cloud. If you aren’t doing so yet, I recommend you learn from my irresponsibility and back up as often as possible!


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