The illustrations published in Progeny are all graphic art aside from one watercolor. But where would be the fun if we didn’t play around with other mediums!

I enjoy watercolor, acrylic, pencil sketching, color pencil, art markers, and of course graphic art.

Feel free to browse my art gallery! Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to make some fan art to display on my fan art page.


A symbolic piece as opposed to a literal illustration. I find that the world of Primogenitor lends itself quite readily to symbolism.


Carla Schoen, our midwife and matriarch rendered in watercolor. I was experimenting with levels of detail and dots of color to make skin here.


An Artificial Uterine Chamber sketched on black construction paper in color pencil.

image2 2

Genesis onboard the Pinnacle **Note: I forgot to draw her as she would be in a zero G environment…


Kendra and Donovan looking out at Mars and its moons.

image1 2

As it stands thus far….I may not complete this piece because of the many mistakes including the gravity that should be absent and the struggles I’ve had in drawing Donovan. I may just move on to a watercolor of a similar theme.