What is Primogenitor?

Ahh! Primogenitor!

I suppose some explanation is in order. Primogenitor is a four(or possibly more?) book serial novel. The initial storyline and concept was going to make one very, very, long novel, but it occurred to me that readers might balk at trying out a first work if it was the length of The Good Book unless I could claim divine intervention.

The solution? A series! And, really, a series suits us anyway, I think, because it makes it possible for you to begin enjoying my story now instead of in several more years.

What creative spark burst into the flame of my story?

I was driving, and oftentimes driving provides just enough silence and calm for my mind to wander and my muse to speak. It was 2012, shortly after I’d birthed my third baby, and I was thinking dismal, angry thoughts about the state of reproductive freedom and the increasing illegality of midwifery care. These thoughts turned to flights of fancy and questions that grew into a story….How long could a midwife go into hiding and bide her time until she found a way to bring birthing freedom back to humankind? How far will humanity go to remove pregnancy and birth decisions from the hands of the pregnant person? Would my children one day lose the right to reproduce entirely? What about exogenesis (creation of life outside of a womb); would we go that far? And even more compelling–what would it feel like to live in those times? What stories would emerge?


But what is the premise and why might you be interested?

The Primogenitor series is set 300 years in the future, when the Earth is struggling to recover from global warming events, depopulation, mass extinctions, and permanent climate change. The human race(or what’s left of it) is united under a world government and stringent population control measures are in place….


The Pinnacle, Earth’s only interplanetary ship captained by Captain Neil.

The primogenitor series is primarily hard sci-fi, in that it is research-based, with a lot of fictional technology extrapolated from current science, including Mars terraforming and colonization, medical technology, genetic engineering, hydroponics, AI, etc.

But be forewarned, the Primogenitor series is a very human story with multiple protagonists, running against antagonists that are humanly flawed as opposed to maniacally evil. The focus is on how real people are affected by such a world. How would they think? Feel? Interact?

Another point: human reproductive is so often glossed over in novels it’s a shame. Primogenitor does the opposite and pregnancy, childbirth, and relationships are central themes. If this turns you off, well, that’s okay, because there are lots of books for you out there…but I challenge you to read before you judge and see if there isn’t something valuable in my world for you!Abbysbirthcolor

“This novel was fantastic! It’s well developed characters are complex and human. I was able to relate to many and found the dialogue to be well paced and believable. Initially the suspense of waiting for the adventure may have you question your choice, but just wait and read… the story explores a part of humanity that is often glanced over in most novels or inaccurately portrayed. Progeny delves into the undercurrents of sexism and reproductive rights in a society that believes it is devoid of misogyny. It leads you on a trail that has you question whether innate human physiology is inherently dangerous or gloriously right, when given adequate support. How will we as humans evolve when our reproduction is mechanized and will humanity ever regain their bodily autonomy? Will they regain what humanity in this society has seemingly lost over the hundreds of years of reproductive control as Mars is colonized? All of this and more will be between the covers of this book. You will enjoy the ride.”—Amazon Reviewer

“A very interesting concept, dealing with realities that, sadly, might be in our own near future. The writing is excellent, the world well thought out. A quality science fiction debut!”—Amazon Reviewer

“Fresh new story line. The author seems to have done extensive study of artificial reproduction, as the medical and scientific references are excellent. Well written and not too “flowery”, yet is descriptive enough to make you feel like you can see the scene. Kudos!”

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